Bugs and features request

How to get help

If you’re in trouble while installing, upgrading, configuring or using Bacula-Web ?

No problem, I’m here to help !

If you want to submit a bug report, feel free to submit a bug report on Github issues.

Bug report guideline

Before submitting a bug report, please make sure that …

  • check the FAQ page, there might be some useful information which can help you

  • you’re using the latest version of Bacula-Web

  • the config file have been adapted to your configuration (check the documentation)

  • all items are ok in the test page (except for the database engine you don’t use)

  • you checked Apache error log file for some warnings or errors

  • you’re able to connect to the database with the client

    • $ mysql for MySQL

    • $ psql for postgreSQL

Then make sure you include those details in the bug report

  • PHP version

  • Which database you’re using (MySQL, MariaDB or postgreSQL)

  • Apache (or any web server) logs

  • Screenshot(s) are useful too sometime


As many details you’ll provide, as fast I could help you :)