Upgrading Bacula-Web installation is very easy, you only need basic linux administration skills.

Configuration backup

Before proceeding to the upgrade, make sure you do a copy of the config file and users database

File: <bacula-web path>/application/config/config.php
File: <bacula-web path>/application/assets/protected/application.db

# cp -pv <bacula-web path>/application/config/config.php $HOME/
# cp -pv <bacula-web path>/application/assets/protected/application.db $HOME/

Check the requirements

Ensure that you meet all system requirements (more information in the Requirements page).

Using Composer

Please use steps described below to upgrade Bacula-Web to latest stable version using Composer

Move to Apache root folder

Red Hat / Centos / Fedora

$ cd /var/www/html
$ sudo mv -v bacula-web bacula-web-beforeupgrade


The path might need to be adapted depending on your setup

Get latest stable version of Bacula-Web

Red Hat / Centos / Fedora

$ sudo -u apache composer create-project bacula-web/bacula-web bacula-web @stable

Debian / Ubuntu

$ sudo -u www-data composer create-project bacula-web/bacula-web bacula-web @stable

Copy configuration and users database to new Bacula-Web folder

$ sudo cp -pv bacula-web-beforeupgrade/application/config/config.php bacula-web/application/config/
$ sudo cp -pv bacula-web-beforeupgrade/application/assets/protected/* bacula-web/application/assets/protected/

Fix files ownership and permissions

$ sudo mv -v bacula-web /var/www/
$ sudo chown -Rv www-data: /var/www/bacula-web
$ sudo chmod -Rv 755 /var/www/bacula-web
$ sudo chmod -v 775 /var/www/bacula-web/application/views/cache
$ sudo chmod -v 775 /var/www/bacula-web/application/assets/protected


Above instructions are based on Debian/Ubuntu distro.

On rpm based distro, change the user from www-data to apache, in case od doubts, please refer to the OS documentation.

If you’ve installed Bacula-Web somewhere else than /var/www/bacula-web, then you’ll need to adapt to your setup.

Test your setup

Once the upgrade process is completed, It is time to test your Bacula-Web installation