Before you start

Before starting the installation of Bacula-Web, please you meet the requirements listed below

  • you have access to the server using ssh or console access
  • you have root access or sudo privileges


Installing Bacula-Web using root account is not recommended, use a regular account with sudo privileges


Bacula-Web can be installed in different way, but the recommended way is by using Composer

You will find more details by following the links below

As of version version 8.7.0, Bacula-Web can also be run using Docker container image (follow link below for more details)


Composer archive installation will be deprecated soon, more installation options will come at the same time

Make sure your system meets the minimal requirements by checking the requirement page

Web server

You can pick one of the web server listed below to install Bacula-Web on your server


Once Bacula-Web web application is installed, follow these instructions to finalize the configuration


Important: If you have not disabled user authentication, you must follow the final steps which will setup the user authentication database for you


To make sure your setup is in good shape, follow instructions in the test chapter


Upgrading Bacula-Web is documented in the upgrade chapter