The bacula-web project roadmap is available on the GitHub project page


For many reasons, Bacula-Web project uses GitHub issues instead of MantisBT since March 2019.

Versions numbering

Releases prior 6.0.0

Bacula-Web version follow Bacula numbering (see example below)

Bacula version Bacula-Web version
5.2.13 5.2.13-1
5.2.13 5.2.13-2
5.2.13 5.2.13-3

Since release 6.0.0

Why changing release numbering ?

First, to make my developer “life” easier ;) And to identify clearly which release is major, minor or a maintenance/bug fix release

As of version 6.0.0, each Bacula-Web releases will be composed of three digits (see below)

  • first: major release (major new features)
  • second: minor release (minor new features)
  • third: maintenance and/or bug fix release

For example: Release 6.0.0 (released on November 11th 2013

Major Minor Bugfix
6 0 0