This section all the information you’ll need in order to install, configure, test and upgrade Bacula-Web on your system.


Bacula-Web is a web application written in PHP and should be run on Apache httpd server (Nginx works fine too).

Before starting the installation of Bacula-Web, please make sure you have a valid ssh or console access to your server.


Ability to run shell commands as root or using sudo is also a requirement.

Installation overview

Bacula-Web installation consists only in few steps (see below)

Step Instructions
Requirements Ensure your server met all requirements
Web server setup Setup and configure Apache web server
(optional) Setup and configure Nginx web server

You have two different options to install Bacula-Web

Install options Instructions
From archive Instruction to Install Bacula-Web from archive
Using Composer Instruction to Install Bacula-Web using Composer


Upgrade Instruction to Upgrade Bacula-Web

Final steps

Configure Configure Bacula-Web for your environment
Check your setup Test Bacula-Web and make sure your setup is ok
Finalize your setup Finalize your setup